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        2012 – a year full of new faces, days with the clearest skies, memories, and lively events that showed the school spirit of everyone. Long before, school projects were introduced like the “Green House Project” that greatly helped the environment, and after that, other projects were made such as Seton being fully solar powered and annual projects in the forms of donation drives to other schools.

        Has the atmosphere and events from 2012 ever felt “nostalgic?” According to Sir Froilan Trapero: Not really, but there were times I wanted to look back on happy moments, especially for the new teachers then. Perhaps, the active presence of the founding president, Dr. Suarez, and the unusual Green House Project were the difference. 

For some like Sir Jeffrey Simbiling, to him it felt very nostalgic, practicing his craft to be a teacher. I am one to believe that it was the start of a very long journey for him at that time.

    An institute where passion resides, a common place where students share their dreams. A constant flow of  ideas and a common vision  to make a difference. Of all the good things that have come out of Seton, what was indeed the most memorable?

  Ms. Anna Cecillia Navarette muses that these were “moments when students cried their hearts out during intramurals and other school contests,” those moments where each student’s house spirit rages on, supporting one another through victory or defeat, showing tenacity and practicing humility. 

        The question presents itself: if the way and feeling of the teachers teaching students changed over the years, from the method and approach, with various  technological advancements made every year, many can believe that technology has paved an easier and sustainable way of teaching for our teachers and learning for students. For Sir Froilan Trapero, many teachers like him were encouraged and motivated to learn the basics of teaching virtually due to the online classes. He stated that the methodology and the approach in technology were one of the key advancements. It is a great achievement that Elizabeth Seton School and many other schools and institutes were able to solve and introduce more ways to teach students effectively while the pandemic was affecting many.

        Every year, education improves due to the advancements made. Technology is evolving yearly.  Methods and approaches to teaching vary in different ways as well. With this, one can believe that the pandemic never hindered the educational and technological advancements of Seton.  It is continuously improving, giving students  the depth of knowledge they need in home-based learning.

        Over the past ten years, Elizabeth Seton School has evolved and developed further than before, to give us joyful memories, life enrichments, guidance, and more. Every memory we share and enjoy becomes a beacon of light to help us get through tough times.

          A decade before, versus now, a couple of piled up years, many events and projects have passed. Even in home-based learning, we continuously create fond memories that we will cherish even decades from now, friends that we will remember, and teachers who guided us in every step of the way.