Picture of Erielle Satsatin

Erielle Satsatin


Picture of Caitlin Castillo

Caitlin Castillo

Graphic Artist

Enough for Him

Perfect was The Almighty with the angels beside Him as he arrived

His hands were pristine as He molded the first man to thrive.

The first man, Adam, became a living soul

Whose kind being will soon play a big role


Hands barely touching as Adam reaches for his hand with such zeal

Being within His likeness, such glistening appeal

And that’s when humanity broke out on a swim

On who will be the one enough for Him


We will forever want to be enough for Him

Anything we’ll do for the Creator to shine light onto our lives that are dim

For us to reach his pristine hand a centimeter away

But be warned, for that could lead you astray


Evil was the battlefield that grace had lived to be

Reaching out for His crystal hands we still crave for us to guarantee

A glimmer of greed shines in our eyes

Using nefarious techniques to win the utmost prize


We want to be enough for Him, we want to reach for His perfection

Seeking to be put within His selection

But if we just let the Father rise and reach His hand out to us

We can be filled with the clear life that was once filled with rust


So, even though we want to be pictured on a special film

Always know we will continuously be enough for Him