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As the official student publication of Elizabeth Seton School, Seton Notes aim to provide news and information to the whole community in varied forms. Seton Notes regularly provides news updates, articles, announcements, and other pieces of information through the official Seton Notes Facebook page handled by the Seton Notes Editorial Board and supervised by the Seton Notes adviser. Moreover, Seton Notes also organizes varied programs and projects to better deliver quality information to the public.

One of the regular activities of Seton Notes is Seton Spark. Seton Spark is a brief broadcasting of the monthly recap on institutional events, varied historical and advocacy-based celebrations, and other forms of milestones that have been put together by the members of Seton Notes. Seton Spark is the brainchild of the Seton Notes Editorial Board batch 2021 – 2022. The concept centralized on the idea of igniting the lost moments, passions, and normality caused by the global pandemic. Through this medium, Seton Notes conceptualized this project to depict how Elizabeth Seton School bounces back from the pressing health crisis.

The term “spark” refers to the giving rise to the project itself. It is a way to begin the new culture of bringing about news in the 21st century in the social media platform by student creatives. This is also a way to introduce the organization and what they represent to a broader audience. As a student-led group in Elizabeth Seton School, this is an initiative to exhibit the talents and skills of young Setonian journalists to impart information about the big and small successes during this period in time. Seton Spark exhibits the excellent programs, achievements, and causes which have always been faithfully supported and successfully administered by the different members of the Elizabeth Seton School.

Recognition SY 2020 - 2021

SC and PTA Induction

Last September 17, 2021, the newly elected officers of the Grade School Student Council, Supreme Student Council and the Parent Teacher Association were inducted in office. The ceremony was officiated by the school President, Dr. Roberto T. Borromeo no less.

Kampise 2021

Parents Orientation 2021

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