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Nurturing Young Minds: Primary Learners Shine with Multiple Intelligences

The school is taking a step forward by extending its entrepreneurial programs to the Primary learners. Recognizing that entrepreneurship knows no age, the event aims to nurture the creative and innovative minds of young children through an entrepreneurial activity called “TOTpreneurs and KIDpreneurs.”

Scheduled for various grade levels, the goal of the program is to introduce learners from Toddler to 2nd Grade to basic entrepreneurial concepts, skills, and character qualities. By engaging in thematic activities customized to their respective levels, students gained a deeper understanding of the business world while honing their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Building Interpersonal Skills:

The program kicked off with Toddler and Nursery students last September 25, 2023, with an activity titled “A Day at the Market.” Within the school’s Multiple Intelligence Hall, a simulated market was set up, allowing young learners to experience shopping for items and goods. This hands-on approach helped the children familiarize themselves with the concept of goods, services, and markets.

Grade 1 students, last October 2, 2023, participated in “My Product Creation.” This activity encourages brainstorming sessions where students imagine and propose innovative products for kids. Through individual presentations, they showcased their product inventions.

On the same day, Grade 2 students delved into “My Kind of Store.” This activity challenges them to brainstorm an innovative store concept, considering factors such as the products or services offered, a creative store name, the target audience, and even the physical appearance of the store. To further enhance the learning experience, the students also engaged in a role-playing activity titled “A Scene at the Market.” This immersive exercise simulated various scenarios that occur in a market, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting. Moreover, the activities helped the Primary learners build their interpersonal skills by engaging with their peers.

Developing Intrapersonal Skills:

In the spirit of recognizing the achievements and developmental progress of young learners, a culminating event was held for the Toddler students last October 25-27, 2023. This event aimed to showcase the skills and values acquired by the children during their early childhood education journey.

The event spanned three days, each focusing on a different aspect of the child’s development. On October 25, the teachers facilitated a skills check to assess the learners’ progress during the first term. This individual demonstration allowed the children to showcase the behavioral indicators expected at their age or grade level.

The following day, October 26, the learners had the opportunity to express themselves through self-portraits, symbolizing their unique identities and personal growth—an activity that fostered creativity and self-expression among the young learners.

Finally, on October 27, a special presentation was dedicated to the parents, highlighting the skills identified on the first day and showcasing the self-portraits created by the children. The program included a prayer, a dance performance, an audio-visual presentation of the learners’ activities in the classroom, and, most importantly, an award ceremony to recognize the learners’ character strengths.

The culminating event served as a tribute to the dedication and hard work of both the learners and their teachers. Through this, participants had the chance to develop their intrapersonal skills by acknowledging and nurturing their talents and capabilities. It provided an opportunity for parents to witness firsthand the progress their children have made and to appreciate the comprehensive approach to education.

Verbal Linguistic Intelligence

In celebration of diversity and cultural awareness, on October 27, 2023, the Preschool learners held their highly anticipated yearly event, the Greet and Treat. This year’s theme was “Hats of the World,” in alignment with United Nations Month. The event aimed to foster a sense of global unity and appreciation for different countries and cultures.

The learners embarked on a captivating tour around the campus, donning hats representing various countries from around the world. The colorful array of headwear showcasing the rich diversity of present cultures. As the young learners made their way through the school, they were met with warm greetings and sweet treats from different communities. This experience allowed the children to not only indulge in delicious treats but also learn about different languages and customs from around the globe. This activity enriched the learners’ verbal-linguistic skills by learning, understanding, and communicating through different languages.

All in all, Elizabeth Seton School-South’s Primary Division has experienced multiple meaningful events throughout the past months. These events truly contributed to the holistic development of young Setonians. According to the Assistant Principal of the Primary Division, Mr. Jose Miguel Jazmines, “The various activities are good ways to bring back the life skills we want to teach the kids now that the pandemic is over. These include general skills such as taking care of one’s personal belongings, behaving in public places, and socializing with people. It also develops in them specific competencies such as using money and brainstorming entrepreneurial ideas. Thankfully, we were successful in this endeavor as indicated by the kids’ newly acquired habits and values, as well as their smiles and laughter throughout the activities. This would not have been possible without the support of our teachers and staff, parents, and Family Council officers.”