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ESS-South’s Heart-to-Heart Teachers’ Day Celebration
During Face-To-Face


After 2 years of celebrating it virtually during online learning, the annual Teachers’ Day celebration came back in full force during the In-Person Sessions on October 3rd. The simple yet sweet program was prepared and led by the Supreme Student Council (SSC) at the Activity Area after the weekly Monday Assembly and was hosted by Faye Malaki and Luke Sobrevega.

The program kicked off with the opening remarks by the Supreme Chancellor, Trisha Rojales, followed by the iconic “Bring Me” game, tied with a twist to test the students’ knowledge and speed by matching a teacher with the indicated descriptions and bringing them up front. The given prompts in the game were the following: Best Singer, Cutest Height, Dancerist or Tiktokerist, Coffee Addict, and Perfect Attendance, in which the selected teachers along with the students who chose them took photos with their certificates afterwards.

The second activity brought back childhood memories of the game of “Pahabaan ng Happy Birthday” during children’s parties, but instead with “Pahabaan ng Teachers’ Day” to fit the celebration. A representative teacher from each grade level participated in the game, and the timestamp of the winner was announced at the end, crowning Ms. Anna Navarette who represented Grade 11-STEM A.

As the event came to an end, a heartwarming cover of Ligaya by Eraserheads was performed by talented Setonians from Sining Gang’s Mighty Band, composed of vocalists Jacob Bulabos, Dobie Gonzales, and Trisha Rojales; Daniel Cultura as bassist, Hamilcar Gisala on electric guitar, Kenny Zhi on acoustic guitar, and Jeremy Medrano as the drummer.

The short celebration concluded with a group photo of all the teachers gathered in front, with the learners exclaiming “Happy Teachers’ Day!” to commemorate the special day.

Additionally, the SSC held a secret mission in which students brought goodies, eventually distributed as loot bags to the beloved teachers, and a special board was prepared and displayed in the School Lobby filled with notes and letters of recognition as well.

To further celebrate this wonderful occasion, on October 5th, the SSC also organized an Audio-Visual Presentation in collaboration with various Setonians from each grade level as a token of appreciation for the teachers, uploading the aforementioned video on the organization’s Official Facebook Page.

Truly, this celebration once again made everyone’s hearts full as the Seton community celebrated an intimate and heartfelt face-to-face Teachers’ Day celebration without the barrier of their screens in place.