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ESS South's Heart-felt Journey in Honor of the Rosary Month


The Elizabeth Seton School-South Community embarked on a heart-felt and meaningful expedition to welcome the Month of the Holy Rosary with open arms, launching various activities in accordance with the theme: The Rosary: “Sanctuary of Every Filipino Family in Post-Pandemic Time.”

The commemoration of the Rosary Month was held in the General Assembly during the in-person sessions, where learners from different grade levels celebrated this event on different days. On their respective IPS days, Grades 9-10 were the first to celebrate the said event on October 3, 2022, Monday, while the celebration of Grades 7-8 was held on October 6, 2022, Thursday, where the learners solemnly prayed the Holy Rosary and began the making of their personal rosaries. 

The Setonian Mission, and Catholic Identity (SMCI) office collaborated with the Campus Ministry and the Catholic Christian Formation (CCF) Department to launch a “Rosary Making” Activity that served not only to commemorate Rosary Month, but also to advocate the learners to practice praying and having a rosary in their pockets at all times. This activity was held in person, allowing the learners to be supervised and guided by their teachers, and this also served as a creative output for the learners under their CCF subject.

To wrap up this event, a Grand Rosary Rally took place on October 21, 2022, Friday at 1:00-3:00 P.M. This was held at the school’s chapel and streamed live via ESS Facebook page. The celebration kicked off with opening remarks including a brief introduction by Sir Giovanni Virador, as well as a short, but meaningful doxology performance by the selected Grade 11 learners. Afterwards, they commenced the praying of the Holy Rosary, led by Sir Giovanni Virador and Ms. Bernadette Nave. Certain parts of the rosary, like the Apostles’ Creed were led by the elected representatives of several departments such as the Family Council, Grade School Student Council, High School Student Council, as well as the Knights and Lilies of the Altar. Dr. Ronald Onin Agoncillo and Ms. Gloria G. Medina also participated. Seton’s humanitarian services also took place as it distributed some goods for the staff.

Furthermore, some staff in Seton were able to exchange and express their own messages of gratitude. The SMCI community, with the help of the KOALOA, prepared goods for their community as one way of extending their heartfelt gratitude which provided a deeper purpose for the blessed celebration. To conclude this ceremony, a final group of Grade 12 learners performed with the closing song, and Sir Giovanni Virador expressed his gratitude towards those who joined and participated during this special event. 

Pope Francis began the Synod 2021-2023, calling on all members to live harmoniously as one in addition to participating in the life of the Church also known as the Synodal Church – A CHURCH THAT JOURNEYS TOGETHER. Celebrating the Holy Rosary month as one unified community is the institution’s response to the Pope’s call for the betterment of the Christian community. 

This year’s Rosary Month ended successfully due to the community’s unity, unmatched love, and everlasting faith in God, most especially to our Mother Mary and dedication to praying the holy rosary.