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ESS Exceeds Expectations In Intramural Return


The well-rounded learners of Elizabeth Seton School-South have exhibited outstanding competence in different fields during this year’s intramural, with the theme: “SILVER: Sports Igniting Life, Vitality, Empowerment, and Responsibility” which is in line with the campus’ celebration of its 25th year anniversary. The three-day event featuring various sports and activities was held from April 12 to 14, 2023, while the awarding took place on April 19, 2023. 

The House of St. John XXIII once again proved their tenacity as the house to beat after dominating the overall rankings of Intramural 2023, with the House of St. Paul and the House of San Pedro Calungsod taking the second and third places respectively.

The opening ceremony held on the first day of the event, April 12, 2023 (Wednesday) started with a parade introducing the seven houses and their corresponding gemstones. The program, hosted by Daniel Ian Cultura, Clarence Faye Malaki, and Kerry Robert Arguelles, formally started with a prayer led by Marc Cajayon and the national anthem led by the Setonian Madrigals with their conductor, Ms. Kristine Abad.  

The head of the Physical Education and Health (PEH) Department, Ms. Janet Lim, gave her opening & welcome remarks before the school principal, Dr. Roland Agoncillo, officially declared the start of Intramurals 2022-2023. Following the declaration were the productions coordinated by Mr. Dante Vargas, starting with the SILVER group’s performance, highlighting the major sports events that the learners will be competing in. After the SILVER performance, the flag and fan dance dazzled the audience before the light and flag ceremony. 

The light and flag ceremony began with a parade including torch and flag bearers of each house and the presentation of the official Intramural flag.

After the parade, the learners took their oath of sportsmanship led by Matthew Alumbres from the House of St. John XXIII.

To conclude the opening ceremony, the house parents participated in the ceremonial toss led by Ms. Janet Lim and witnessed by Dr. Roland Agoncillo along with the school’s assistant principal, Ms. Agnes del Rosario. 

Not even the gloomy weather during the second day of the intramurals, April 13, 2023 (Thursday), did anything to dampen the spirits of the learners. Despite the rain, the learners still gave their best in the games. However, due to the cancellation of some events for the students’ safety, the management adjusted some activities in favor of having good weather conditions. In line with this, the awarding ceremony was also adjusted to April 19 instead of the original plan to have it on the last day of the event.

On the final day of intramural 2023, April 14, 2023 (Friday), the most-awaited major event took place. The cheering & cheer dance competition allowed the students to showcase the strengths of their houses through their cheers, followed by spectacular dance routines to various hit songs spanning 25 years. Among the exciting performances of all the houses, the performance of the House of St. Peter won the judges and audiences over with their impressive synchronization, while the incredible performances of the House of San Pedro Calungsod and the House of St. James the Great placed second and third respectively.

Another highlight of the final day was the Silver Quiz Bee about the history of the school, especially the milestones within the 25 years of its operation. The House of St. Peter once again ranked first, while the House of St. John Paul II and the House of San Lorenzo Ruiz tied in second place. 

In an interview with the head of the department organizing the event, Ms. Janet Lim shared some of the work that went into the preparation of the event.

According to Ms. Janet, “Extensive preparations were made to make sure that the PE department would not miss anything. Everything was prepared ahead of time through the initiative of our very own, Sir Dante.” 

When asked about what made this year’s intramural different from the previous years, Ms. Janet responded: “The department tried its best to offer the traditional intramural events in Seton Cavite. However, some modifications were enforced because of the new normal setup. Before there was a Cheering event, a 7-minute presentation of cheer, and lots of human formation, but because we want to always ensure the safety of all Setonians, the department decided to have the Integrated Cheering-Cheerdance Competition. Moreover, some game rules were modified to meet the athletic abilities of our Setonian learners whom we consider ‘pandemic babies.’

Ms. Janet also showed appreciation towards everyone who organized and those who participated in the event. “As the head of the PEH dept, I saw the diligence of the PE department to ensure the organization of the Intramural events, and that made me so proud. With regards to the learners, I saw the willingness of the Setonian athletes to show to the world their real talents. But my most unforgettable experience was being moved by the compassion and kindness of Setonians, not only to their teammates, but also to their competitors. As the event organizer, I have always reminded everybody not to only value victories, but also understand and accept those moments of defeats. I am humbled by these experiences. I am forever grateful to our dear Lord for allowing me to witness everything in the recently concluded HS Intramural 2023,” she said. 

The interview concluded with Ms. Janet saying that the department will do its best to keep improving for the Setonian learners counting on them. 

The success of Intramural 2022-2023 once again proves that Setonians are incredibly skilled and principled individuals with good sportsmanship.