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Wear Setonian Spirit on Your Sleeve


Last March 25 to 26, the ESS Supreme Student Council organized Seton’s first ever virtual school fair, with the theme “Sensorama”. They offered fun activities ranging from cooking tutorials, zumba sessions, to thrilling video games. But with this dizzying shift away from our classrooms, it’s as if every school activity has lost its buzz. The SSC felt determined to help Setonians feel the “Seton spirit” even in their own homes. After all, what’s a school fair without a little bit of school spirit?

With this, our very own ESS-South SSC launched the Modern Seton Collection with limited-edition shirt designs that are all-the-rage with Setonian students, teachers, and alumni alike. The shirts came in either black and white, with four different designs to choose from. The collection was also available in a wide array of sizes, with sizes from Extra Small up to 5 Extra Large for adults and sizes from #10 to #20 for teens.

Bundles of Modern Seton t-shirts with sleek, fashionable designs were made available on the online shopping platform, Shopee, during the 2-day school fair. The price was originally PHP350 per shirt, but the SSC had a school fair promo, making the shirts available for PHP299 each. The packages were delivered door-to-door and were paid using the cash on delivery or COD method. 

SSC Chancellor Charlize Gutierrez reveals that the Modern Seton Collection was intended to be a year-long project. However, due to the great deal of orders that the SSC received in just one day, unfortunately they won’t be selling shirts anymore. “Hindi na kasi kakayanin ng time and lumala ‘yung situation ng pandemic kaya hindi kami pwedeng lumabas as much as we need to para i-process yung shirts,” she adds.

Gutierrez extends her most sincere appreciation to the Student Council members, for it would not have been a success without the dedication and elbow grease of the members. She also thanks the Binuhe family because they were a constant helping hand throughout the Modern Seton Collection project and a huge factor to its success. She expresses her gratitude to Apdency T-Shirt Printing as well, for being such an understanding supplier, and lastly, to Ms. Nenet Ayson for continuously guiding the SSC throughout the process.

The first ever online selling of the yearly Seton merchandise was a rousing success, selling a total of 389 t-shirts and bringing in a hefty sum of PHP 116,311. The Student Council is set on using the earnings from the Modern Collection for their upcoming outreach project dedicated to those deeply affected by the pandemic. “Even if this project of ours brought countless complications unto the members, we strived to make the Modern Seton Collection a success to allow ourselves, the SSC, to continue serving the student body, and to hopefully help those who are in need,” the SSC Chancellor professes.

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