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Niña De Guzman


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Kerry Arguelles


Teachers’ Day Program: A Breath of Fresh Air for Setonian Educators

To acknowledge the diligence and alleviate the stress of the Elizabeth Seton School – South educators, allowing them a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to wind down, the Supreme Student Council (SSC) prepared and facilitated a lively, fun-filled Teachers’ Day Program that was held on October 6, 2023. All the teachers and staff from each grade level were invited. This meaningful program took place at the Bailey Hall and was hosted by Niña De Guzman and Aliyah Tamon.

The program kicked off with warm welcoming remarks from the school’s principal, Ms. Nenet Ayson, who delivered an uplifting message to all the educators while also acknowledging the efforts of the learners who contributed to the production of the program.

The first activity the Balay teams were faced with was the classic “Family Feud”, where the players raced to press the buzzer and guess the common responses to various learner-related questions. Balay Martha prevailed as the winning team for this first game.

An intermission number then preceded the second game, where Zoey Gamboa from the Grade School Student Council graced the audience with her song number. Her performance was accompanied by a slideshow prepared by the Grade School Student Council.

The second activity gave the teachers a chance to showcase their talent in singing, as the next game was entitled “Sing It If You Know It.” Balay Rachelle swept the floor with their musical talent, placing first in the game.

The program was followed by the serving of food as well as the viewing of the Audio-Visual Presentation produced by the SSC, dedicated especially to the teachers. During this time, the customized gifts sponsored by the Family Council and the SSC were also distributed to the teachers as they enjoyed their meals.

The event concluded with the awarding of certificates to the winners of the games, followed by group photos of each Balay.

In addition to this, selected learners from Grades 9-12 took charge in place of the teachers. They supervised the classes and went on with their student-teaching tasks throughout the duration of the program.

In spite of all the responsibilities the teachers uphold and the challenges they’re faced with every day, this special program was able to give them time for relaxation and reap the fruits of their hard work. The teachers were able to foster camaraderie with one another and work together to compete in multiple, lighthearted activities.