Picture of  Justine Tiffany A. Moraño

Justine Tiffany A. Moraño

Author & Artist

Dawning Sun _ Literary

The Dawning Sun


When all lost its hope

And the Earth seemed bleak

When all cannot cope,

Warriors become weak,

And despair takes hold


A cry in the distance is heard

Murder of the innocent is seen

Like the sacrifice of Apollo’s herd

Blood stains the ground of the scene

And grief looms in the void


Yet Hope is good to men

Bravery and Liberty are just

Fair are they today and in the end,

The suffering is a must,

Yet goodness is always rewarded


Have courage, my brethren!

For the light is in heaven

Goodness and charity,

Honesty and generosity,

Mercy and forgiveness


All are the guides to the path of the Light

So open your hearts

And let your minds take its might

Stand up and do your part

Trust that darkness yields to purifying Light.

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