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Juliana Colleen Consorio


Staying at Home Calls for a House to Stay in


Setonians are no magic wand-bearing wizards, yet every learner is sorted into their very own house at the start of the academic year. Generations upon generations of House members have experienced the fun and excitement of finally being sorted into a special group of people of all grade levels since 2015, all while being greeted by an abundance of confetti at the school’s chapel. This AY 2020-2021, though, offers learners a completely different experience from the half decade of an established Setonian culture due to the sudden shift to an online setting caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 6th House Induction—and the very first online one—was held last December 4, 2020 during the learners’ online House period. The event was headed and organized by ESS-South’s Supreme Student Council. They prepared a 30-minute video for all houses to watch as the new learners were welcomed to the House system. It also included an intermission by Sining Gang. The virtual ceremony signified the 6th time the seven houses gathered together in welcoming their newfound family members from the Junior and Senior High School Divisions—Setonians prepared themselves for yet another academic year filled with camaraderie, teamwork, and unity found within the bond formed across all seven houses. 

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