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Jodie Arielle Amposta

Jodie Arielle Amposta


SSC’s Heart to Heart Talk: A Mental Health Talk


February is the month of love, yet it is not only about valentines and sweethearts; it is also a month for self-love and care. Feeling stressed during uncertain times — especially with the stacking worries on deadlines and requirements of being an online learner — can at times make one forget to take care of oneself. Hence, the ESS-South’s Supreme Student Council (SSC) introduced Heart-to-Heart Talk — a mental health talk — held on the 19th of February 2021 through Zoom. 

The discussion provided an opportunity to highlight the positive steps to promote mental health and well-being. It also emphasized various barriers that can possibly prevent Setonians from different backgrounds from seeking and accessing help with mental health issues. 

With more than a hundred Junior and Senior High School students gathered, the webinar received active participation from the learners as they could relate to the situations the speaker presented to them, all the while being honest about their current concerns and coping styles.  

The speaker, Ms. Emma San Juan who is an experienced Registered Guidance Counselor and Registered Psychometrician, advocated that being mindful of oneself is important to employ strategies to cope with the changes in their normal and usual routines and make adjustments to the new normal in the education setup alongside personal, emotional, and familial aspects. 

“The self-care tips are just some of the many techniques that may be used in looking after one’s mental health. Keep in mind that mental health is not the absence of stress and challenges in life. Rather, it is how one individual could cope with the stressors and challenges in order to function well. I hope the learners are utilizing the self-care tips that could better their mental health. Remember to always start by being kind to oneself,“ she emphasized.

With the achievement of the webinar, the SSC’s likelihood of conducting more timely talks in the future was acknowledged by the student organization’s chancellor, Charlize Gutierrez. “If given a chance, then why not? Especially when mental health is one of the major things students in the pandemic are struggling with. As part of the student council, we would only want to do things to help alleviate the stress with academics, so I think conducting any projects related to helping students cope with their mental health is something I wouldn’t think twice to do,” she replied.

If in need of any help, learners can set an appointment by visiting the CSWb Intranet in the ESS website (Programs > Student Services > CSWb Cavite > Contacts), or they could also send a direct message to their preferred mentor/counselor.

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