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Squid Game: Truths Unmasked


“You don’t trust people because they are trustworthy. You do it because you have nothing else to rely on.” – Seong Gi-Hun

A story developed back in the year 2008 by Hwang Dong-yuk, who was then moved by a comic book of a similar plot, is purposefully exhibiting South Korea’s socioeconomic issues. A message of “Every man for himself,” in games of betrayal, greed, and brutality is seen in the reflection of the people who were ready to risk even their lives to have a chance to get out of the grasp of poverty. Squid game depicts the lives of unfortunate people who are given the chance to rise.

So, what was it that got the viewers hooked since day 1?

The series started off with various lessons and meanings and gave a large impact to the audience towards the end. 

It revolved around 6 games – “red light, green light,” dalgona game, tug of war, marble game, the glass bridge, and the squid game. The players were under an agreement to play these “last man standing” type of games in exchange for fortune. They were tied to the idea of winning, but how they approached the game was up to them. Each game needed its own techniques and tactics to win. Most of these games required intellectual skills.

Looking at how the game was managed, it was indeed violent — violence that had a meaning. The differences in the personality of each player symbolized us in our own societies. The game became a venue for people who were desperately in need of financial stability. These people entered the game with the hopes of coming back with a handsome amount of cash, but the prize needed a huge amount of sacrifice. This series is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Throughout the duration of the games, everyone had their so-called friends and teams. Teams were either a group saying “I got your back” or the ones who will use people to their advantage. As the games come to an end, so do the players’ lives. Every game ended smoothly and fairly just before desperate minds started to kick in. When the lights went off, brutal endings began. As the games ended, only two players were left with one goal in mind — winning. 

Betrayal, the central theme of this series. Similar to the masked staff, the players had their own masks as well — a mask they slowly got rid of. As the number of players decrease, true colors start to show. Most of us change prior to the situation we are in. It is either we change for the better or for the worse. Squid game teaches us the lesson of holding on to our morals and ideals. 

Along with an exceptional plot, the shocking twists are also one of the highlights of this series. Towards the end, several secrets will be revealed, and confusing dots will be connected as well. Faces unmasked, lives changed…

The plot of the story is indeed unique. The acting captured the hearts and minds of the audience. Without a doubt, the characters let us feel that we are part of the story. With the talented actors, the extravagant filming venue is very much evident. It helped the audience feel the games more. Director Hwang Dong-Hyuk did not fail to make this series a successful one. 

Throughout the series, there are still secrets left untold. A second season is being brewed by now. There are no confirmations yet but assuredly that the second season will be worth the wait. 

Given a spectacular plot, talented actors, extravagant filming sites, and a hardworking director, Squid Game truly is worth the watch.