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Zeanna B. Joson


Sensorama: Virtual School Fest and Sports Day 2021


On March 25-26, 2021, Elizabeth Seton School – South held a two-day virtual school fair and online sports day with the theme “Sensorama.”

The event started with a kick-off ceremony with a holy mass presided over by Father Romy Antimano, followed by a live Zumba session by Ms. Joy Cancio. Activities for the first half of Day 1 were sponsored by Houses. 

Despite the limitations, Seton brought the Intramuralss to our screens and held a Virtual Sports Day. High school students from their respective houses competed in various online games such as chess, scrabble, Games of the General and UNO, where one’s intelligence and team spirit are showcased.

The House of Saint Paul hosted an online bingo called “Bingo sa San Pablo” and “Kanta Kanta Karaoke” where your listening skills and music knowledge will be tested. Strategy and teamwork were exhibited from the House of Saint Peter’s “Minute to Win It Challenge” and virtual escape room. The House of San Lorenzo Ruiz hosted “Social Ka-” and “Hulaan Moko Beybeh,” which is not your ordinary guessing game. The House of St. James held a game called “Let’s Get It!” and “Articulate Break Loose from the Quest,” where they can win a welkin moon from Genshin Impact. Quality time and bonding were valued with the House of Saint John Paul II’s virtual cinema named “Lights, Camera, Action!” and a crowd favorite “Rank Up, Gamers.” The House of Saint John XXIII held an online mafia game called “Sino ba talaga lods?” and an intense & puzzling escape room “BamBluezled.” Lastly, the House of San Pedro Calungsod held a random dance play called “Oops teka! Sumayaw Sumunod sa Kpop/Tiktok,” where one’s talent in dancing will be put into test and also held an “Online Meetup Series: I-chainbooth Moko.”

Another highlight and major event of the Virtual sports day is the cheering competition. Two entries per house were required: 40-50 second video chant with steps and a shortened 3-5 second version of the chant. Exactly 10-15 house members were to participate in each house to showcase their fiery chanting. Entries’ lyrics must include the ideals of the school: “Learn, Lead, Serve, Make a Difference.” The House of San Lorenzo Ruiz emerged as the overall winner, while the House of St. John Paul II garnered second place, and the House of San Pedro Calungsod earned third place.

The House of St. John Paul II was hailed as the overall champion for this year’s virtual school fest: Sensorama, followed by the House of San Lorenzo Ruiz and the House of San Pedro Calungsod in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The annual school fair was immersed with virtual activities about synergetic programs that aimed to strengthen mental and physical skills within each Setonian. This event was implemented to reduce the physical inactivity brought by the global pandemic and develop camaraderie and sportsmanship amongst the students. 

All had a blast and had the opportunity to unwind and get away from their stressful workload. Overall, Sensorama gave each one of us a memorable, unique, and entertaining experience that we could cherish and keep for the future! Definitely one for the books!

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