Picture of Colleen Consorio

Colleen Consorio


Picture of Jannah Albay

Jannah Albay

Graphic Artist

Not for Naught


Ladders and steps were necessary to ascend. Tactics and resources were at your fingertips. But no one cared enough. No one took the time to run you through the crux of your own morality.

One simple lie will lead me to my truth of power.

After all, you were taught that asking for help was crucial. That no man is an island. At first it was for the sake of others. Then, others’ sake became your excuse.

Here ye, here ye! All the riches in the world if you don’t leave me.

You rendered your people unable to use their own feet. You hack away at the skin and bones of their limbs, from their backs, in their sleep. With that, you grew an empire.

The slaughter of others is for the sake of my people.

That was true. All of it was true. Deception, treachery, and crime were the special ingredients for stirring success. By then, your land had it all. You had it all. More than what you’ve asked for.

No matter how much you have, how do you turn your back on more?

A stroll through your kingdom of high and mighty towers delude you from the empty eyes of your citizens. A sense of pride gleams from within, but you pay a visit to the edge of all your conquered lands and notice something that makes your soul unsettled:

I hate that the ocean is bigger than who I’ll ever be.

Through all the greed’s manifestation, you open your eyes to the vast blue sky. Your body is in constant undulation. Actually, your body doesn’t even feel like a body. You’ve become omnipresent.

Have I flown too close to the sun?

You wonder, but you don’t give up. Your wings are not burnt. Your pride is not sullied; however, you are blue. You are the vastest and most unknown beauty of nature. Yet, as with all of nature, you are fleeting. You discover that.

Whatever treasure my wave has held at the moment will be gone in the next!

Unlike in flesh, riches could not be grasped by greedy hands. Even frustrations cannot be held by the vengeful thrash of water. The dissatisfaction you held for this impermanence came and went, too. This went on. And on. And on. 

Until a new tyrant had to fill in your vacancy. 

Yet, your people are not stupid. The citizens have seen that your actions were all for naught. Surely no one will dare tread the same path you have walked, nor allow for others to do so. After all, you’ve lost everything. 

After all, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

I did it for the sake of my people.

Do not be ridiculous. You’ve crashed upon the shores of others without regard! There is no redemption for that wickedness.

Then perhaps I truly did it for myself.

It’s interesting how one can fare with a nonexistent ego… You’ve lost yourself! You’ve lost power. Your people. There is nothing left to your once-glorious name. You must admit that you have lost your shine. 

Now tell me, does the end still justify the means?

Admittedly, my actions have long destined my doom. 

But frankly?