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The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for quite a while now, and everyone has a lot of spare time inside their homes. Most of us don’t know what to do to keep ourselves entertained and productive. Here are things some of our members did to keep them entertained during the lockdowns:

Hannah Sacil:

While the virus was spreading across the globe and a lot of people got infected every day, I was left thinking to myself: “How do I manage this lockdown? How can I keep my mind and body busy and unfocused on the threat posed by COVID-19?”

I thought of different ways to be productive during quarantine, and thankfully, my swimming coaches helped me maintain a healthy mind and body through daily workouts. Thanks to technology, exercises and counseling became a habit that has kept me strong not only physically but also mentally. I realized that getting into the so-called “new normal” is not so difficult if you are surrounded by people who share the same passion as you have. As an athlete, I was able to find alternative ways to keep in shape and still be connected to my sport despite doing so through the virtual world.

Joaquin Dizon:

To keep myself sane and busy during the pandemic, my coping strategy was playing online games. As a developing teen, it had a huge impact on me. It gave me a competitive spirit to be on top of the other players in the game. It also allowed me to interact with others while learning their techniques and other mechanics. I also started binge-watching on Netflix, a platform that provides movies. 

Transitioning from grade school to junior high school was a huge adjustment for me. Therefore, I studied a little to improve my grades and keep my mind sharp before the school year started. I started to practice effective note-taking skills and experimented with new ways of studying. Note-taking is important in order for me to remember the details of each lesson. Experimenting with new ways to study is also essential to adapt to changes in this new normal. I also utilized self-reflection to keep my mind in shape through contemplating my accomplishments and areas of improvement. 

As I hope that this pandemic will soon end, I continue to walk on this path and do my best to live and adapt with the changes. I look forward to every new day with the belief that humanity will soon overcome these trying times.  

Jayvielynn Santos:

“How do you keep yourself company throughout the pandemic without ever getting bored?” Well, let me tell you my story about how I managed to free myself from the chains of laziness and disinterest. 

Honestly, the first two weeks were awesome! There was nothing to do, so I stayed up late because I had nothing to worry about. As more weeks passed by, I felt a longing for school, friends, and activities we used to do before. To keep my mind occupied, I decided to think of some activities I can do to maximize my time and energy while being productive at the same time. I tried sketching some artworks again because I stopped doing it before due to the lack of time. I started with a portrait of an American star I admire, followed by sketching Mobile Legends Heroes. Speaking of mobile games, playing Mobile Legends and Wild Rift helped me pass time. In addition to this, I decided to read books and write songs, novels, and poems because there’s something about writing and narrating a story that always makes me happy and calm. Trying different activities was very exciting as well like organizing my bookshelf, cooking, and creating digital art. 

In this pandemic, everything seems hopeless and boring, but if we look closer, this may be a chance to discover ourselves more. Bond with your family and learn new things. If I can do it, so can you! Just remember to see the silver lining, and everything will turn out fine in the end.

Cedd Llanes:

One way I made this quarantine entertaining yet productive is by using my spare time to learn to make simple dishes and different cooking techniques. Because of technology, I can search for any dish that I want to make and find hundreds of tutorial videos about it. My father is the one who cooks most of the time for our family, so I asked him for tips and lessons in cooking. Of course, I started with simple dishes like fried foods and easy-to-cook delicacies. As time passes, I plan to move on to complex but tastier dishes. For me, cooking and eating are great ways to cope with the stress and anxiety that online classes and the pandemic inflict upon me. Cooking lessons with my father also served as a way for us to bond and grow our relationship. Another benefit of practicing cooking is adjusting my diet and eating plan into something well-balanced and healthy. We all are hoping for this pandemic to end soon, but why not learn something new while we wait? I’m sure practicing cooking will pass a lot of my time while also filling up my stomach. Bon Appetit!

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