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Leaders and Cogwheels


In any group setting, someone’s going to have to call the shots, maintain order, ensure progress, and ultimately—lead the group. Being a leader is no easy feat; there’s a lot of weight put on their shoulders, as well as leadership qualities they have to possess to sufficiently carry out their role. When you really think about it, a group that strives for a common goal is much like cogwheels, or the toothed wheels in mechanisms that are trying to come together and spin harmoniously.

1. Gearing up – The Team

First and foremost, a leader needs to understand that they are nothing without their teammates; without a team to lead, can one really call themselves a leader? As the person managing the group, it is important to ensure proper communication and bring out the best in them. Each person has their own set of strengths, so a leader must be able to identify each member’s strong points, in order to delegate tasks accordingly. This is similar to how gears aren’t the same size or shape, and a specific order is required for them to work; each gear serves its own purpose, so it’s necessary to be aware of this and carefully think about how to place each piece.

2. Mechanism in Action – The Vision

Next, a leader must have a vision—if someone plans on leading a group, they need to know where they’re leading them, and how they plan on getting there. With the goal in mind, the leader needs to be passionate and enthusiastic about reaching it because this will heavily reflect upon the group and their output. Hence, the leader should be pushing towards that goal harder than anyone else. Also, not everything goes to plan, so the leader must be able to come up with smart, innovative, and creative ways of solving problems. When gears are put together, it is done with a purpose in mind because without it, the system simply won’t work.

3. Keep it Rolling – The Implementation

Finally, a leader should serve as an inspiration to their members. They should motivate the members to do their part, as well as display gratitude and give credit for their work. The leader can’t just go bossing everyone around, as they also have to maintain humility and integrity at all times. Remember: one gear has to start spinning for all of them to spin, and that responsibility is given to the leader. If any of the gears refuse to spin, the workflow is disrupted; therefore, member participation is just as important.

Although it may seem like overkill to own all these characteristics and more, it is actually important for a leader to possess and hone all these traits. Take government elections for example: it is essential that we take these characteristics to heart and assess whether a candidate is fit for the part that they are trying to play, for we would only want the most eligible, well-intentioned leaders to fulfill the role of handling a country. That being said, make sure to do your research and carefully cast your votes for who you think will make the best leader – because this is where our country’s future lies.

At the end of the day, the leader plays a pivotal role in any team effort, and it is important to find the right person for the success of the team. Whether it’s appointing a head for the next classroom group work or the recently concluded election of the people who will govern the nation, someone’s going to have to keep the gears spinning.