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How to Cope with Burnout in the Pandemic


How can we cope with the hardships forced onto us by the “new normal” that 2020 offers? Prioritizing our health means staying inside the solitude of our homes, which is crucial in staying safe. Working from home is now common, if not necessary, and so is attaining an education from behind a screen. As students, we carry the burnout resulting from the devastating workload. It is important that we effectively deal with the stress brought upon by huge responsibilities, which is why we want to share knowledge about coping with the daily functions of a hectic student life. 

These suggestions are to ensure that we finish important tasks and grasp the ideas our teachers want us to understand.

  • Avoid Distractions

Distractions like mobile games and social media result in negligence which often causes cramming that leads to exhaustion. It is important to have control when we use our devices. Place gadgets far away from the workplace and turn off notifications. Better yet, delete applications and remove objects that could interfere with your work to establish a productive work atmosphere. Sometimes, a disorganized environment keeps us distracted — a chaotic household leads to a chaotic mind, so we must maintain cleanliness. 

  • Maintain a routine

Maintaining a routine could help finish tasks efficiently because of time management. Yes, maintaining a long-term routine could feel like every day is predetermined, but if done correctly by properly managing things, then there would be no problem in keeping in mind the continuous flow of activities that need to be done regularly.

  • Get a hobby

Okay, we agree that this point seems contradictory to the previous one, but it could also be quite tiresome to be doing the same things every day with no outlet to keep you from spiraling into depletion. Simply having something to cool off to help you keep your mind away from the burnout of not only the school work but also the pandemic, is a healthy way to cope with the stresses of daily life. It is also good to bear in mind that a healthy body means a positive mind. We believe that applying a fitness routine now is more important because of the benefits that also contribute to our mental well-being.

  • Talk to your friends

Communication is a valuable asset to maintain good mental health and strong relationships. Without communication, people would feel isolated and alone, which is far worse now given that we have to be physically separated. One should prioritize making time to talk with friends or family because talking to those who surround you and care for you helps avoid the “falling out” of relationships, enabling you to properly handle emotions.

Ironically, the moment we crave contact most, it is what we’re restricted from. We only have each other, so from two students to another, we understand. We hope that this article could be a stepping stone in leading into easier working conditions.

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