forsatt ti

Jayvielyn Santos



Caitlin Castillo

Graphic Artist

Fortsatt ti


Woke up in a choking bliss

The gold rushing to touch lenses

Smell of longing that I’d forever miss

Recalling the past from my broken senses

It all started with a simple dream

Looking up from dominating papers

Words weren’t scattered here, an old scheme

The dream of someday reaching skyscrapers

Year I was a decade old, felt hell-bound

The month that Notes roamed our premises

Spreading and gathering news around

Path that led me to all her promises

Eliza wrote stories and literaries

Young me, captivated by her strong opinions

I was glad that Notes started all these

As if I’m its puppet — a mere minion

As years passed by, I didn’t realize

Noticed I wasn’t the only one inspired

The paper stepping stones now marbleized

Talents shared through writings admired

Every moment that passed was astonishing

Achievements highlighted with proud screams

 Pieces that caught eyes, oh so charming!

Another phase with a different theme

That very moment I touched the gates

Knew that water would fall from skies

As steps led me to a familiar fate

Hiding this feeling is the hardest I’ll try

Saw moments that turned to memories

Tasted everything I missed turned to ashes

Returning after years was my enemy

Every single bit of her that flashes

Been a decade since my heart was caught

Feeling happiness that I gave her my all

Always imagined what if I stayed and fought

Hoped I looked to be able to see her in sol

Begging for it to last, not to end so suddenly

Wanted to stop the dashing lights

Last look that made my eyes widen

It was never easy then, surviving the nights

Currently held close a new print I savor

 Nostalgia of the papers that brought us in

Reached a decade, now onto forever

Now that I am twenty and Eliza is still ten.