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ESS-South Akbayanihan Fundraiser


In line with the school’s commitment to selfless service, ESS-South’s Grade 11-ABM students brought forward the Setonian Akbayanihan fundraiser in aid for the victims of typhoons Rolly and Ulysses last November 15 2020, receiving donations up until the 30th of that month. 

The Setonian Akbayanihan fundraiser is a donation drive spearheaded by Ms. Olivia Santos with the assistance of Briana Pagdanganan of 11-ABM, along with the Supreme Student Council and the GS Student Council. The fundraiser was done in collaboration with the “ABM with You Movement” by Grade 11-ABM. It aims to help those who are affected by the recent calamity. The fundraiser surpassed its goal of accumulating PHP10,000 that will be used to provide relief for the typhoon victims.

The donations accumulated by ABM With You were transferred to Setonian Akbayanihan. Cash donations were then forwarded to the Social Action Center of the Diocese of Legazpi, Albay and Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. A total of 422 bags of water, food, and hygiene kits have been distributed to Dingalan, Aurora and Quezon through the 101st Search and Rescue, Civil Relations Services AFP.

Samantha Caseñas, an 11-ABM student, extends their gratitude to the Seton Community for being willing to extend their hand, to the coordinators of this project, and to their Philosophy teacher who encouraged and guided them throughout. “I am encouraging them to use their privilege to educate themselves regarding the recent incidents. Aside from the pandemic and calamities, there are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed. At this time, we need to use our platforms to speak up for those who can’t. Stop romanticizing people’s misery, step out of your privileged bubble, and start seeing things the way we should. Just because we aren’t affected doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Don’t turn a blind eye to our fellowmen who are struggling, but instead sympathize with them and take action. We should use our privilege properly and not let it detach us from reality,” Samantha imparts an eye-opening message of inspiration for their fellow Setonians.

It was truly an inspiring effort from students who are using their voice and privilege to help out, opening our eyes to what Setonians are capable of doing for our fellowmen. 

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