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Juliana Colleen Consorio


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Trisha Mae A. Rojales


Education during the New Normal: The Art of Letting Go


From previously waking up during the wee hours of the morning, bodies protesting to fall into any further slumber before opening the classroom door and seeing equally drowsy classmates in person, to sneaking in much more sleep than ever before logging into Zoom. From previously passing notes and chatting with seatmates, to exchanging digital messages on various social applications with friends during class. From previously having to abstain from playing mobile games and checking news feeds due to school responsibilities, to staring at screens 24/7 for the same reasons. The pandemic caught us all off guard, deciding to unsettle our whole lives without permission nor warning, and students know these major changes all too well by now.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a lockdown has been mandated since March of 2020, alongside other new rules and regulations. A domino effect of changes to our daily life has been made, toppling over the educational aspect of students’ lives along with it. Days seem a little bit tougher and nights endless as most students struggle with the imposition of a merged home and school life. Resources and living situations are not equal, group works arouse even more lack of cooperation and urgency, and the lack of satisfaction from finishing piles of work is evident due to the digital setting.

Despite everything, these are the inevitable adjustments we must come to face — the new normal. Some may never get used to it whilst others may not have as many issues in tackling and adapting to the new set-up. Still, online classes are better than having none at all since we have no knowledge regarding the absolute length of the effects caused by this pandemic. While the cons may arguably outweigh the pros, there is a constant takeaway from any situation that presents itself: there’s a lot to learn and improve ourselves upon.

It’s easy to cling onto memories of our previously normal life, for they are past experiences with a start and a finish: controlled and immutable. Finding sanctity in what has come to pass rules out any uncertainty, making reliving past moments to be much more comforting compared to living in the present moment and facing problems we’ve yet to find a solution for. It’s very easy to lose grasp on one’s self and take solace in the past rather than steady our feet in the present, but it’s important to note that no one is alone nor confident in facing the great uncertainty during these times. Though there may not be a solid countdown towards the light of the post-pandemic era, each passing day is constantly one day closer to smiling with our friends once again with no barriers needed — the thought set in stone that will make us look forward rather than back; the thought to truly take comfort in.

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