Jillian Clarisse Ramirez


Distant, not Divided: ESS Online Teachers' Day Celebration


Trish Mae Rojales

Header Artist

Elizabeth Seton School-South takes on a virtual form of celebration for Teachers’ Day in its second year of distance learning for A.Y. 2021-2022. The Supreme Student Council (SSC) convened a Teacher’s Day Program on Zoom after the weekly General Assembly last October 4, 2021. 

The program opened with an AVP prepared by the SSC that outlined the adulation the learners had for their teachers, who continue to thrive in the face of the current crisis. The presentation concluded with a poignant message: “Nawa’y ‘wag kayo mawalan ng pag-asa, sapagkat kayo ay mahalaga,” imparted to the teachers by its end. 

Games were launched for the second stage of the program. Pairs of teachers had their coordination put to the test in the classic game of Pinoy Henyo. The words that had to be guessed ranged from easy to difficult and were all tied to elements found within the Seton community.

Lastly, the event polished off with a rendition of the song “Mapa” by SB19, performed by the members of BND, composed of the school’s Grade 10 learners, namely: Christian Kael Bonita as the band’s vocalist, Daniel Ian Cultura as bassist, Lord Justine Erquita as lead guitarist, Anthony Carl Olegario for rhythm guitarist, and Charles Benedict Legaspi on the drums.

The program dissolved into smiles and greetings of “Happy Teacher’s Day!” from the students. It was a thrilling start before the Setonians returned to prepare and face another day, this time with a greater sense of gratitude for their honorable teachers.