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3 Ways to Maintain Integrity in the E-Classroom


This year arrived with many new challenges. With a pandemic wreaking havoc and other natural and economic fall-outs, this A.Y. 2020-2021 faces the struggle of achieving quality education while ensuring students’ safety. In light of this, Elizabeth Seton School decided to hold classes through online means. This way, students can continue education while staying safe from the perils of the virus.

However, transitioning from a physical set-up to online schooling means we have to face other obstacles. From adjusting to our new way of learning to dealing with the stress it brings, ensuring integrity in the e-classroom is one of the toughest challenges. How do we face this critical issue? There are many ways to do so, but as students, here are 3 ways to keep our integrity intact:

  • Maintain honesty in class, with others and ourselves

Even though we are far away from one another, being honest still holds great importance. Dishonesty is one of the main reasons for various problems in the world, and being dishonest about small things can still leave great repercussions. As young as we are, we need to cultivate our honesty. Lying to others by cheating on tests, or fabricating results helps no one especially ourselves. Honesty isn’t just the best policy because it keeps our integrity intact; in fact, it can save lives knowing that valid and truthful information is extremely important. 

  • Be respectful to teachers and classmates

Respect leads us to act with integrity. Without it, we cannot act with true kindness and fairness. Having respect is the foundation that leads us to treat others with open minds and hearts, and with consideration for their humanity. It leads us to be honest and treat them with dignity, keeping our integrity intact.

  • Conduct regular self-assessments 

Every day as we continue in online classes, we must frankly assess ourselves. Are we being honest? Are we treating others with dignity and respect?  We all make mistakes and slip-ups. Honestly admit it, and remember that learning and making up for it is what truly matters.  We must be honest and be willing to improve for the better to hold true to our dignity because it always starts within ourselves.

Martin Luther King Jr. says, “The time is always right to do what is right.” Every waking moment is an opportunity to improve and strive to do what is honorable. In the path towards the greater good, keeping our integrity intact isn’t just for our benefit. It is a collective effort from within ourselves and the people we love and trust. In these times when most things seem uncertain, our integrity keeps us whole and serves as our guide as we strive forward to a better future.

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