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Picture of Vianica Arwen Britanico

Vianica Arwen Britanico


Picture of Patrick Joseph Rodriquez

Patrick Joseph Rodriquez




4 o’clock at dawn

crack open the yolk of the sun

and bathe under the yellow stars.

mouth full of mint paste,

with butterflies fluttering in your hair

and flowers blushing on your cheeks

your eyes are the golden gates

of the garden blooming

inside your ribcage.

slice the oranges in two,

and squeeze the sweet clementine dew;

take a sip of citrus fruit and


8 o’clock in the morning

draw the curtains, shut the

blinds. don’t let the sun

inside these white walls, where

it’s vacant and empty and

the tongue tastes stale against

metal. like the aluminum ring

of canned coke, meeting chapped

lips and teeth, swallowing dyed

saccharine in gallons.

after eight, the buzz still pokes and pinches your

brain, your mind, but your heart—still—says,

                                                                           i’m fine.

 anyway, goodnight. . .

                                                    —you alright?

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