Elizabeth Seton School develops students to become competent, responsible, life-long learners. For over 45 years, our graduates have attested to this with their achievements both academically and throughout their careers. 

Our programs have evolved with the changing needs of our learners and the demands of the world. We strive to deliver on our noble mission of contributing the development of the Filipino youth by cultivating them as authentic Christians; responsible Filipino citizens; and life-long learners in constant pursuit of excellence. 

The Primary Division offers academic programs for pre-school education (Toddler to Kindergarten) and effectively promotes physical, social, intellectual, emotional and skills stimulation and value formation that efficiently prepare them to the initial stages of formal elementary schooling (Grade 1 to Grade 2).

The Grade School Division caters to a vibrant community of young learners (Grade 3 to Grade 6) in the elementary level.

The High School Division (Grade 7 to Grade 12) represents the final phase of basic education. It is focused in the preparation of students to be both college- and career-ready.


Why Choose Us?

For over 45 years Elizabeth Seton School has been a bastion for quality education guided by a noble mission of contributing to the integral growth and development of our Filipino youth by cultivating them to be authentic Christians, responsible Filipino citizens and life-long learners in constant pursuit of excellence.

Guided by the virtues of our patroness – faith, love, and selfless service, each Setonian is taught to strive for excellence and be part of the schools thrust to Learn, Lead, Serve, and Make a Difference.

Come, visit, and understand how Elizabeth Seton School can be your partner in educating your child. 



Las Pinas Campus

BF Resort Drive, BF Resort Village,

Las Pinas City, 1747

Tel: (02) 8875-4553

Email: main@www.ess.edu.ph


Cavite Campus

Anabu II-D, City of Imus, Cavite

Tel: (046) 8471-6571

Email: south@www.ess.edu.ph

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