High School



The High School Division (Grade 7 to Grade 12) represents the final phase of basic education. It is focused in the preparation of students to be both college- and career-ready.

The High School program provides students a solid academic foundation designed to arouse interest for life-long learning. Here learners are challenged to think critically, organize their thoughts logically, and express their ideas effectively through an educational environment that encourages independence, responsibility, and creation of self-identity.

As young adults, High School learners are guided and formed to be witnessing Catholic Christians in the spirituality of Mother Seton to materialize Principled-Competent Lifelong Learners making each child an effective and contributing member of society. 



Senior High School

Senior High School (SHS) from Grades 11 to 12 “completes” basic education. The SHS program is uniquely structured to help guide and align students towards their long-term career goals making sure that they graduate ready to pursue entrepreneurship endeavors and/or college education.

The program upholds a dynamic learning atmosphere that focuses on the development of necessary skills that would propel them to succeed in higher education, career and life itself.

Learners entering SHS are oriented and guided to choose from the following course specific academic strands offered by Elizabeth Seton School: 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM is an academic strand in Senior High School that focuses on educating students in intertwining disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The strand focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills to solve problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information.

In pursuing STEM, students may have inclination in pursuing the following careers: medicine, engineering, computer science, chemistry, astrophysics and the like.

Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM)

This strand focuses on learning the basic concepts of business and learning associated skills in other related fields like finance, management and entrepreneurship. The strand provides students fundamentals of business operations and functions preparing them for possible careers in line with marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, accountancy and management.

Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)

The strand on Humanities and Social Sciences focuses on the study of the different aspects of the human culture and societies. It is for students who are considering taking up journalism, communication arts, liberal arts, philosophy, education, and other social science-related courses in college.